The number of men in higher management roles

The number of men in higher management roles is way more than women but almost 50% workforce in developed countries is women. Companies should be required to allocate a certain percentage of these positions to women. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 



In this competitive world, women are showing their metal in every field by rubbing their shoulders with men. According to a group of individuals, in business management, gentlemen are on higher positions rather than ladies. But over a half females instead of male persons, are working in developed nations. Thus they think that organizations should reserve seats for higher positions for the female sector. I disagree with the given argument. I will discuss it in the following paragraphs of this essay.

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The first and foremost cause for taking a particular gender, women in business is that this process leads to inefficient work. In other words, if a company choose only one gender to work, then, other deserving candidates will be less in numbers. In fact, non-deserving women will do work over there by using only one strategy of marketing. As a result of it, profit will be affected and perhaps, a firm will go on the way of failure. Secondly, sometimes ladies take a decision in emotions whether they are good for their business or not. At times, the decisions can be proved wrong which can produce a number of difficulties for the institution. Due to it, the organization can lose its popularity and goodwill.

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In addition, reserving a special gender such as ladies for higher posts in management is not a piece of cake. Because there are several departments in an organization which needs various skills. These skills are communication skills, interdependent skills, and so on. These appropriate things play a vital role in the business. It is not necessary that only girls have qualities to make management successful. If a company focus on one gender, then, it is an injustice for others. Because it may be based on physicalorientation rather than qualifications.


To conclude, in the present time, women are sharing their hands with men in business to become successful. But I believe the seats or positions ought to be given to candidates on the basis of their skill and abilities. I am not against to reserve the seat for ladies in management but I deny to focus on specific affinity for marketing.

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