Describe the wrong decision that you once made

Describe the wrong decision that you once made.

Sample 1 ( Wrong decision with online shopping )

Well, wrong decisions disappointed us so much. Sometimes, we go astray from our goal and take incorrect decisions. So here I would like to talk about a wrong decision which I made about a year ago. I describe it briefly.

Wrong decision with online shoppingActually about a year ago, I was doing online shopping. On our website named, I watched an advertisement related to a laptop. I watched that company was selling a new laptop at a reasonable price. So I just decided to purchase it. I ordered a laptop of the latest version and paid about 20000 rupees for it. To do its payment, I used my credit card.

After a week, I received my order. At that time I felt on the ninth cloud because I was excited about a new laptop at the cheap price. But unfortunately, when I opened the box, I was astounded. There was an old laptop in that box. I saw that the laptop had a damaged screen as well as full of dust on it. I tried to switch on it. But It was out of order. I felt gloomy at that time.

After it, I decided to do a complaint to the manager of that company from which I bought it. I wrote an email to the company and told to the manager to give me my money back. But I didn’t get any reply from that company. I understood that it is a fraud. I lost my money.

All in all, it was a wrong decision which I want to be made during my whole life. It created many troubles in my life. My parents scolded me for wasting money like this. Now I do online shopping carefully.

Follow UPS–

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