Talk About an Article on Health That You Read From a Magazine or Online

Talk about an article on health that you read from a magazine or online; 

You should say:

  • What was the article?
  • When and where did you read it?
  • What did you learn from the article?
  • Explain why you think it is a good or bad article?

Sample Answer of Talk About an Article on Health That You Read From a Magazine or Online

articles play a vital role in every individual life in different ways in nowadays many articles can be seen on each and every topic I have read many articles in my life some of them left some expression on my life anyway here I would like to talk about an article of a healthy lifestyle which I read I still remember I read this article last year from magazine actually I borrow this magazine from my school library where I used to go daily for reading books suddenly I saw a magazine which laying on the table and I opened the magazine, and the name of the first article was a very eye-catching

that was forever young I learnt many new things from that articles these days we are living standard lifestyle and going to this lifestyle we are facing many problems, so I read about the benefits of exercise in our daily life it is an extremely essentials for every age group as it maintains our health cannot bid need that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body apart from that articles describe the how much fast food is hello harmful for our body because it due to this numerous individual are suffering from diseases I think that article was very impressive and very important as all the things mentioned in the article
after reading that article, I started to do exercise and yoga on my daily basis. I am using fast food only once a month. All in all, I would say this was the topic which I read in health in the magazine.

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Question 1 Why is it that different people want to see different magazines?

Answer – I think different people have different tastes about everything so different people use various magazines some people like to read sport-related magazines because they have a lot of interest in sport domain apart from that some people like to read fashion and cooking-related magazines and many love to read a technology magazine, so that is why different individuals elect to different magazines.

Question 2 What type of magazines do teens prefer to read?

Answer – it is omniscient that nowadays technology is booming day by day so multifarious technology gadgets are available in the world the majority of teenagers are attracted towards the technology. They have only interest in this field, so many teens like to read magazine related the technology moreover some teenagers prefer to read to the magazine about the fashion industry.

Question 3 What is the distinction between information on TV and information in magazines?

Answer – I think there are some differences between television news and the magazine if I talk about television so we can listen to the news and watch video current happening of every country. However, with the aid of magazines, we can read monthly and yearly news, so this kind of difference which I notice between magazine and television.

Question 4 Do people still purchase magazines in your own country?

Answer –definitely they do millions of people in my notion admire to purchase magazine because some people like to read sports and some like to about the cooking skills .many prefer to read magazine for come to know about the latest fashion trend. For example, last weekend I bought a magazine regarding fashion written by a Nisha that was a very interesting magazine. Therefore, therefore, alot of masses who love to buy a magazine like me.

Question 5 Do you feel people now are healthier than people previously?

Answer – definitely in current days people are too much healthier as compared to the bygone era because there are a number of the motivations l things are present such as magazine and television. So on with the help, this public can easily aware for their healthy lifestyle, for example, my father read news from the newspaper about the health so now they exercise daily and the stay as fit as a fiddle.

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