Describe a Time When a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

Describe a Time When a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

  • What had happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time When a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

When a person goes to a restaurant, they try to be more relaxed, and they want to eat a portion of food that they can even not eat at home and even spend some time with their loved ones. Still, today I want to talk about a particular time I get bad service from a restaurant. The reason I never go back to that place the reason behind is that when I was in 9th standard, my uncle came to India to attend the marriage of his friend. Still, however, we didn’t reach their time and try to make himself more knowledgeable about exploring new things, and new places where I live free came back to the home and run to me it tried to ask me that is there any good for foreign tours to go with him there

because I don’t know too many Hindi words. After all, he’s from Canada. He was born there but chose a particular restaurant near to my house. I went there with my uncle and when I sit there the most important thing was that environment was excellent everybody was very quiet, and I spend a great time even their condition was very good, but I saw that prices are very high and they have extra charges for every dish they have my uncle decided to pay for that particular so I asked him to order some Chinese food, but many ordered it will try to also tell that to not actually spicy for him but after sometime when a waiter reach to the US and he served the food was very hot and spicy even

my uncle Expectations converted into disappointments and when you try to convince them they even ask them that we can’t have you don’t have the policy to change things or to give some other food and we just told that person to make it less spicy, and even that food was very hot so we just born them to convince that if they can help us that they never give the option to change it so then we decided to go back home and took our food at our own and after that even I told my friends that even because of that incident I don’t go to that place in my entire life and even my suggest my friend not to go there is because of that reason.

Follow-ups Describe a Time When a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service.

Question 1 What kind of services are bad services?

Answer – Bed for services I would say in the restaurant, especially when the food is not served in time, and air condition quality is not as good as possible. The main thing is the politeness of the person serving, even that is a manager, or their behaviour should be very relevant, but I don’t have good manners, and that’s what I called can be a bad experience for any person.

Question 2 Why do some people choose to remain silent when they receive bad services?

Answer – The main reason is defeat knowing, and sometimes they don’t show their feeling when they get a bad experience with any of service a letter to the restaurant the try to save their time and go to some other place rather than are going with the person who makes a mistake or just because of the reasons why they feel that they get bad services

Question 3 Who should be responsible for bad services?

Answer – I think the managers should have to take control and he is a person who is responsible for every mistake because if he is not controlling the whole department. He even doesn’t check every person, even that person is a waiter or a cook, how they are behaving, how they are working and if the conditions are not good to that’s whose responsibility of the manager who is working there and controlling.

Question 4 As a boss, what would you do to prevent bad services?

Answer – Definitely try to make my more comfortable and relax and give them a better service than other restaurants and emeritus which they cannot find in another place, for example, I try to be more polite, and even I ask my text field active feedback from the call for me to work harder and the second thing I definitely try to place quieter because sometimes there are people go to a restaurant for this finding a good time to relax but because of that too much 9 noise the time to definitely these are the two things which I think is important, and I will do as a boss

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