Talk About a Time When Was the First Time You Admired the Sky

Talk about a time When was the first time you admired the sky or a beautiful sky you enjoyed seeing

You should say:

  • What were you doing?
  • Who was with you?
  • What did you see?

Sample Answer of Talk about a time When was the first time you admired the sky or a beautiful sky you enjoyed seeing

I do remember, when I was studying in college 9 years ago, one fine evening I went to the beach with my friends by bike. We got there around 5.30 pm, we met some kids who were playing around, youngsters were chit-chatting, and older people were walking with friends and family members.

Me and 2 of my best friends Raja and Michael. We were enjoying the atmosphere and the environment just sitting down in beach sand. We took a couple of photos while the kids were playing around.

Around 6.15 pm that we noticed that the sky was turning into a deep saffron colour, and the sun was setting out. Wow, it looked amazing and felt good.

We started capturing the movement as pictures and videos. Still, I do have those memorable data. It’s a wonderful and unforgettable day because it’s the first time I saw the sunset in real life, so whenever I see the sunset this day, it just passes in my mind.

Follow-ups Talk about a time When it was the first time you admired the sky or a beautiful sky you enjoyed seeing.

Question 1 Why is it that people like to examine the skies?

Answer  – I see a sky examination that shows the growth of technology; scientists are putting effort to push human’s lives to the next level. Their vision of life is enormous. I appreciate their work.

Question 2 Do you understand any story associated with planets?

Answer – I do remember some article which I read some years ago, that NASA has completed a successful travel mission to the moon and discovered the moon obesity level which is needed for human lives.

Question 3 Do you believe kids should be told world stories to better their creativity?

Answer – Yes, I do agree that schools educate kids about the history, geography and science of this world. This will make children learn the versatile culture and historical development carried out to obtain the current world.

Question 4 Can kids be profited from watching celebrities?

Answer – don’t think so, instead of celebrities, rather watch world-famous leaders, authors, professionals and scientists which will help betterment their idea and vision about life.

Question 5 Would you prefer to see films on planets?

Answer – Yes, but to be frank, I don’t get enough time to watch movies. My nature of work is like that. However, I took time and recently watched a movie named – Tik tik tik. Science fiction Tamil movies – story one line is, Nasa discovered there is a water source on the moon, whereas humans can do farming. I liked the concept; at the same time, the making is attractive to most of the kids.

Question 6 Would you love to see the skies when you’re young?

Answer-  Yes, of course, in my childhood days, every evening I went to play football. One day, I started noticing that skies appear in different colours at sunset, and it looks awesome to the naked eye.

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