Letter to a Friend Who Worked in Your Previous Company

Letter to a friend who worked in your previous company. You have moved to a new job in a new city.

Describe your city
Describe your job
Description of the arrangement for him to visit you.

Dear Adhiran,

It’s been a while we did not have contacted each other after I moved to a different job in another city. I was hoping you could visit the city where I currently work, and I have made certain arrangements for you to reach here peacefully.

Now, I am in Chennai, where the second-largest seashore is located. This city has a multicultural face as different people from other states reside here, which is an important reason. This is the first city in India to get municipal recognition in British rule.

Recently, I joined the SPR construction company. I have been selected as a sales manager with a team of four sales executives. We, as a team, have a responsibility to sell the apartment and register new channel partners to get external leads.

I am delighted to invite you to my place. I have already booked a ticket on Jet Airways from Mumbai to Chennai on the 14th August 2021 and will return after a week. I will be there at the airport already to pick you home.

Kind Regards,

Michael Johnson.

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