Describe a Goal That You Hope to Achieve in the Future

Describe a Goal That You Hope to Achieve in the Future

Describe a goal that you hope to achieve in the future or Describe your goal in life

  • What the goal is
  • When you first began to have this goal
  • How you would achieve the first step of your goal
  • How easy or difficult do you think it will be to reach this goal

Describe a Goal That You Hope to Achieve in the Future or Describe Your Goal in Life

Well, every single person in the universe has a goal that they want to accomplish in life. Sometimes it took time to achieve, but personal passion and barn the midnight make it possible. I have a host of targets in my life, although today I would like to talk about among one which is top of the list. Its employees for Canadian well known IT company.

Two years ago, when I was a sophomore student, one of my colony friends moved to Canada. Later I got insights into their culture and working system. He is a computer engineer, and our field is the same, computer science. He got a healthy salary and earned a name in the community. After that, I set this goal. To accomplish this goal, my academic performance matter hense, I work really hard to get good grades in the final exam. Hopefully, I got my desire percentage; moreover, the English language test is also a primary requirement; thus, I started to learn English by watching English movies, shows and listening to English podcasts. It’s not an easy a pie task, and I have to get the required score in the language test; furthermore, it’s expensive. After the move there on a student visa base, I have to part-time work to aid my family financially as well as gathering experience. I also believe that I will achieve it by eager behave and hard work.

Follow-ups Describe a Goal That You Hope to Achieve in the Future or Describe Your Goal in Life.

Question 1 Should parents set goals for children?

Answer – I believe that parents’ goals should be set by parents because, at that age, they have no Erudition and experience while their guardian always wants to good for their child. However, after a mature person can set a goal.

Question 2 What would you feel if you couldn’t achieve your goals?

Answer – Well, if I fail to achieve my goals, then firstly, I would review my mistake and try not to repeat it in the future; moreover, I never give up. Like a spider, after failure, I work even harder and passion, so I accomplish it.

Question 3 When do young children start to set goals for themselves?

Answer – As I said earlier, after being mature, children are able to set on target and try to complete it. Sometimes, things do not go well as they want, although they have to stick with the goal. In addition, in starting phase, they can take guidelines from parents or mention.

Question 4 Do Indian people usually set goals?

Answer – Yes, Indians like to set a goal and achieve it. For example, next Diwali, I will purchase a bike with my own earned money.

Question 5 Why do people set goals?

Answer – Without a goal, life is not thrilling as well. A person has no idea what to do. Goal yield life means, and after completing it, a person is over the moon. For instance, if a person hasn’t been targeted in life, they are bored with routine life.

Question 6 Do people need to write down targets or memorize them?

Answer – I believe that it totally depends on the person. Some people prefer to remember it, especially those who are good at memorising things easily and having a sharp memory. In contrast, some believe that writing down on somewhere used daily, such as a mirror, remembers them to their goal. That words or pieces of paper stimulate them.

Question 7 Do you think people should talk to others about their goals?

Answer – Well, in my opinion, it’s personal matters some like to talk with others. However, others keep silent and work on their goal.

Question 8 What is more rewarding, working towards the goal of achieving it?

Answer – I think both have sentiment value, for achieving goal path is key Without it no one achieves it and its same as for goal achievement. Both are two sides of coins. Working towards the goal, decide which way your progression is.

Question 9 Do you think it’s important to have realistic goals?

Answer – Without any doubt, yes, have a realistic goal is paramount. The unrealistic goal never accomplishes. Golden ager also suggests to youngsters that they live in the real world rather than unrealistic dreams.

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