Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home

Talk about a piece of equipment you use at home. Please say

  • What is it?
  • When and where did you buy it?
  • How often do you or your family members use it?
  • And explain why you think it is useful.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home

There is a lot of equipment at my homes such as a computer, Television, Air conditioner, washing machine, fridge, mobile, and many other things. All are significant as per their requirement, but here I would like to talk about a piece of equipment which I acquire most of the time in a day. It is my laptop. I have an HP made grey color laptop which my company provided me for my routine works. It has 4 GB RAM along with 500 GB capacity and, more precisely, an intel i5 8th generation processor. When I was promoted as an Assistant manager, it was provided to me by my company. They have purchased online from Amazon for me. I utilize my laptop on different occasions like for reading emails, making presentations, preparation for exams, to save some important files or data.

Apart from this, I am also using it for watching online news, movies and do virtual meetings with my suppliers, which will benefit for me to update remotely. My sibling also uses this laptop when he wants to search for something on the internet for his study, and my father used to listen to old songs on this. Its battery life is very strong, and it just needs to plug in only one time a day which is the additional advantage of this laptop. If I am not wrong, my laptop only rests eight hours when we all sleep at night. Otherwise, it is observed with some family members at home all day time. It has so many perks in terms of storage of useful documents, entertainment, and pursuing my work. I rely on my laptop for my professional as well as personal use. Definitely, technology is an indispensable part of our life, and this laptop is a very important tool for me.

Follow-ups Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home.

Question 1:- What other useful equipment do you have and use at home?

Answer –There is some other equipment at my home such as a fridge which is used to store vegetables, milk, chocolate, and ice—secondly, Air conditioners which we have explored during summertime as there are almost above 45-degree temperatures outside. We also have a water purifier which we purchased recently to drink mineral water every day.

Question 2:- Do you think the younger generation is more comfortable with modern equipment than older people? Why?

Answer –In modern times, electronic gadgets such as mobile and laptops young people are adopted over to the grey-haired people, and it is a piece of cake for youth to operate it. One reason may be nowadays from primary school computers and mobile are key sources of study while in old times students used to study with pen and paper. Another main reason is the development in technology.

Question 3:- Nowadays, many factories use automatic machines and equipment instead of manual labor?

Answer – Nowadays, customers want better quality products in minimum lead time. As a result, so many multinational companies have adopted automatic tools in their organization. Additionally, this equipment provides them mass production with zero defects so they can earn a profit on fast mode.

Question 4:- Why do you think it is?

Answer – There is also a cost-saving in this equipment as organizations do not need to depend on workers or operators, and they can run machines 24 X 7. Providing a salary to the operator can divert this money into machines which will be beneficial for the company in the long term.

Question 5:- Do you believe that robots will replace people in the near future?

Answer – Owing to the contemporary era, many countries already started to replace people with robots in many departments. Japan is a good example of this. If I am not wrong, after the 22nd century, there will be more robots than people on earth.

Question 6:- Where will people be replaced by robots completely, in your opinion?

Answer – Precisely, I believe that in the coming time’s robots will take part in many sectors such as defense, medical, education, Industry, etc., which will alleviate people’s stress.

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