Describe your most favorite season in your own country

# Describe your most favorite season in your own country.

  • what season it is
  • when it starts and ends in your country
  • who others besides you like it
  • and explain why you like it in particular.

Describe your most favorite season in your own country winter season favorite season summer seasonSample Answer 1:-

Well, I hail from India. In my country different people like different sorts of seasons. But I like the summer season and it is my favorite season. It usually starts on the march and it ends in July.

Interesting, my sister also likes the summer season. During the summer I normally go to a hill station with my family and friends. I enjoy allotting this season.

Apart from that, I spend my holidays in Shimla and spend time with my dear ones as well as I try a different type of meals such as Italian food, Australian food, hot meals and soups which are really amazing taste.

Moreover, in summer I also prefer to visit beach areas and do some water activities. With it, I also like playing with sand and I wear different sorts of clothes and footwear which is popular during the summer. I also love to easy food even, it looks amazing and delicious.

Furthermore, everyone has a summer vacation from June to July and, everyone from their work and studies. With it, everyone has a lot of time to spend with their families and enjoy it with them. I remember, last year I went to Shimla Trip with my friends and we saw a lot of things which we tried the first time such as snow skiing, ice skating, building a snowman, snow igloo, and ice fishing.

With it, we ate new hot meals and I tried the Italian pizza first time in the Shimla. At that time, I enjoyed myself a lot with friends and that summer holiday was memorable for me ever.

At last, not least, I always like the summer season because in summer different sorts of fruit varieties also available in the local market as well as, I also spend time in the snow area. I feel relax and refresh. It is also good for my health and easily increases my body stamina.

Sample Answer 2:-

Well, I know different types of person in my daily life and every person have different choice related to food, clothes, place as well as season. I also like different types of things according to my taste. But here I would like to talk about my favorite season it is spring season. This season starts around the middle of February and ends by the end of March in my country.

Although, this is season has a short span. It is the most beautiful and wonderful season. Mostly, everyone knows and called the king of all seasons. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold in this season.

Apart from that, in this season, a cool breeze blows and leaves of trees rustle in it. The most interesting thing, birds and animals also happy this season. This season is not witnessed by heavy rain or dust particles. New leaves sprout on plants and we see fresh colorful flowers and green grass wherever we go.

Moreover, during this season, rivers are also full of water. I really love this season because I like new leaves and rainbow in the sky. I usually enjoy alone in a fresh weather nature.

At the last, in Spring season, we see the beauty of nature and collect some memorable moments with nature and greenery.

Sample Answer 3:-

well, I belong to Punjab state and I feel very lucky to enjoy each and every season in India such as summer, winter, monsoon, spring, and autumn. However, among all seasons I like the winter most.

Unfortunately, nowadays the time of winter season is reducing due to weather disturbance so that now we enjoy this season only two to three months as compared to past it remained a long time 3 to 4 months. Generally, this season occurs mostly from November to January.

I like this season most rather than others and there are numerous of reasons behind it. The first and foremost reason is that the weather is very cool and pleasant at that time. I love this cool weather because the weather remained too hot throughout the year in my area in summers which creates so many problems to do work or travel.
Apart from it, in winter season I get a chance to wear woolen clothes which I really like. In addition to it, I can also enjoy hot food and favorite seasonal fruits which are only available this season. Moreover, I have Christmas holidays in this season which is the best time to visit hill stations in winter because in winter season hill stations are covered by snow.

To add to it, this season is also the wedding season. To be frank I am a party lover person so in this season I get a chance to attend so many parties as well as weddings. Last but not least, this season is also a festival season. In other words, most of the famous festivals come under this season, for example, Diwali, Christmas, Dussehra, New Year and so on. In this festival season, I enjoy to wear new clothes and try some delicious food.

On the other side, this winter season has some drawbacks also. The roads are covered with fog in this season which creates some problems to drive safely and unfortunately, sometimes it becomes a cause of road accidents. Another negative side is, the nights are too long in the winter season which made me lethargic and less active in the daytime.

To be honest, I knew it has also some down points but I like it so much and I am waiting for this season impatiently.

Followups question:-

Question: – Do those who do jobs face any difficulty with the change of season?

Answer:- definitely, people face difficulties during the changing of the season. Mostly, that person faces trouble who reach their workplace at the time. In summer, spring and autumn they find no difficulty in it in the winter season, the break timing of jobs are too late and it is too cold morning and evening. The rainy season many workers face transportation problems with it, they reach late at the workplace as roads are flooded with rainwater.

Question:- What different equipment is used according to the season in your country?

Answer:- well, I am hail from India and the season change according to time to time. Moreover, in summers, usually, people use coolers, electronic fans, air conditioners to get rid of scorching heat. For water, folks are used water coolers and refrigerators. Apart from that, in winter, the usage of heaters, gas oven, microwave increases manifold. At last, in rainy season folks of my country normally use umbrellas and raincoats.

Question:- What beverages do the people drink in your country in summer and winter?

Answer:- in summer, they drink soft drinks, fruit juice, green tea, fruit shakes, and cold coffee to feel fresh. But in winter, people from my country usually demand tea, black tea, hot milk, and coffee. Nowadays, in the market different type of new healthy drinks available for the customers and everyone choose according to their taste.

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