Some People Think that Young People Can Learn Useful Skills by Playing Electronic and Computer Games

Some people think that young people can learn useful skills by playing electronic and computer games. Others argue that people who play electronic and computer games are wasting their time. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The addiction to playing electronic and video games is always a debatable question in the modern era. Some people argue that with the use of this type of virtual entertainment, children can learn new things & enhance their skills at the other hand some people contradicted that too much amount of playing these games give negative impressions on toddlers—both the arguments discussed in this essay with appropriate examples with my conclusion.

To begin with, there are so many logical games expanded by web developers. Subsequently, playing with these types of games, youth can enhance their skills for thinking, logical abilities and problem-solving attitude. The most popular game called ‘’Sudoku” Requires great concentration power, quick analytic reasoning and speed to complete the task so people can enlarge their abilities. Another example is that while playing a “Parking, a Car” game, one can get experience how to do car parking and the knowledge of traffic rules, which can help him on a real-life experience while driving the cars on a highway or rods. Adoption of these types of games requires any people to make strategies and planning in advance which can surely help in future to enhance their abilities with the use to play of such types game.

Conspicuously, many children stick to the computer or mobile screens for long hours to play games as such type of games have some rewards and the suspense of new targets and trying to accomplish these new missions children waste their time badly and one game called “IGI” is the live example of this. A game called “PUBG” is the most controversial debate in the year of 2019 in India as after playing this game we have observed so many cases on newspapers like the attempt of suicide and murder and after Indian government immediate banned this game playing. Nowadays, many games need to input some money to play it, like “Teen Patti”, Which is a gambling game, so sometimes so many people lose their penny after losing with others.

In conclusion, I agree that video games are beneficial if a young person takes some positive factors from its but amount of wasting so much time and money create negative consequences on their progress of health and study.

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