Some People Think That Everyone Has the Right to Have Access

Some People Think that everyone has the right to have access to university education and that the Government should make it free for all students no matter what financial background They have. to extend do you agree or disagree with this.

University education plays a crucial role in helping and allowing students to focus on their career and future goals. While some people can afford it as they belong from well to do families, many do not get easy access to university education due to their financial background. As university education and qualifications are extremely important, everyone must have access to it no matter their financial background.

In today’s world, education is extremely expensive, and most people can’t afford extravagant spending. The government must impose policies to aid this problem so that financial background does not play a role in higher education. However, providing education free of cost for everyone would hamper the education system. It would cause the education fraternity to be stagnant. If institutes do not generate revenue, the education department will fail as they require funds and money. Therefore, making education free for all would not be the best option as it will have negative consequences.

In addition, if teachers or the staff are not given incentives or salaries, there will be fewer people applying for teaching jobs in the future. Universities cannot afford to make education free of cost as well as manage the extra expenses. Although everyone should have the same access to education, it is not feasible to not charge students for university-level education.

In conclusion, government intervention is extremely necessary in this case. Instead of making it free, the government must adopt some strategies. For instance, the university must consider the family’s financial background and then charge the students accordingly. Further, universities can come up with student loans without interest. The students can pay back the amount within 3-5 years. Some plans and strategies must be developed so that everyone can have the equal opportunity to attend university and work on their career-oriented plans.

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