Describe an Intelligent Person You Know

Describe an Intelligent Person You Know

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How do you know this person
  • What this person does
  • And why do you think this person is intelligent

Sample Answer of Describe an Intelligent Person You Know

When I got this cue card, I couldn’t think of any particular person who has a good sense of humour because I know many intelligent people, even some are my family members. Some are my friends, then suddenly, one name pops up in my mind, and he also fits this given description.

He is one of my school’s mates, Keyur. We got primary education from the same institution, and actually, we are bench mates in stating the time, and we didn’t take donkey years to become friends forever. We are cutting the same clothes, friends. After 10, he opted for the science field, whereas commerce and our journey differ. I know him very well we tended to spent time today and reasons behind that we were lived in the same colony. He is a helpful person, and back in school time, he was always ready to helpmates, and he was also a book of teacher.
His learning skill is faster than other which put him into the intelligence category. I vividly remember I was not good at maths hense, and he helped me. He is the reason that I am good at solving maths equations currently.

His academic achievements were good, and if my memory is right, he always stood at first or second rank. He was also a master of outer activity, one time, he participated in state-level chess games, and he came back with silver madel. He has the ability to change people moods with his intelligence. Such as telling jokes to sad people. Recently he gave IELTS and scored 8 bands and will move to Canada for study.
We love each other company, and he stimulated me to give IELTS. Thus, I can join him and go to the same university or college.

Follow-ups Describe an Intelligent Person You Know

Question 1 Are most Smart People Happy? Do You Think So?

Answer – I don’t think that being happy and intelligent people have any connections. Happiness depends upon the person. For instance, many rich people take sleep table while penurious people can find sleep just because they are happy about what they have and have no big expectations.

Question 2 Do You think People with Intellect are Selfish?

Answer – Well, again, I believe no selfish and intelligent person is not connected. Many individuals feel that the person who has intelligence since they are selfish looks like they are not.

Question 3 Do You Agree that Smart People are Helpful?

Answer – I think yes, smart people are helpful to others, and they change the community, in other words, if. Intelligence people try to educate people as much as possible the,y huge benefit for the individual as wand nation. Intelligence people help also more worthy than others.

Question 4 Who do you think plays a more important role in children’s education, parents or teachers? Why?

Answer – Well, in my opinion, both have equal roles, for social education parents play a vital role while for academic and career teacher is key.

Question 5 What qualities do you think a good teacher should have?

Answer – There are several qualities required for being taught. The primary is that having a vast majority of erudition is not ted to field or subject but andra. Secondly, in that passion, when pupil request to repeat topic then have to passion or cool as cucumber ability and teach them till he other understand

Question 6 How do teachers help children in their education?

Answer – Teachers can aid children to not only yield syllabus courses but also add extra life hacking types and trips and give useful career suggestions. Even some believe that teacher is the person who set childer career.

Question 7 Why are some children more intelligent than others?

Answer – Some people can do things that others can’t do, which makes them unique and special. Some children are faster than others to understand or learn education that also makes them intelligent.

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