Some People Believe the Aim of University Education Is to Help Graduates Get Better Jobs

Some people believe the aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs. Others believe there are much wider benefits of university education for both individuals and society. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People were divided in their opinion regarding university education. Some were in the opinion that it enhances better jobs, and others believe it benefits both society and individuals. The following essay examines both the view and my two cents go for the former view.

There are various benefits of university education. To begin with, schooling provides better job opportunities and promote higher placements. Top MNCs will recruit students from big universities because of their skills and academic excellence. The academic institute provides amble placement training, practical sessions as course subject that boost student in attending interviews without lacking confidence. Moreover, Top companies like Tata, Reliance Adani groups recruit employees from selected schools, provide quality education and are capable of starting their carrier without much training. Researches found that according to the last survey conducted in 2021,70, per cent of students were recruited by the Adani group from LPU university.

However, Graduates from universities is a key asset to our society. As we are in a competitive world, students should contribute to the growth of our country. College provides more seminars and presentations than theory classes, which will improve communication, interactive skill and increase self-confidence to speak in public. the children’s from university start their carrier in politics and public Platforms to improve the growth of society. Secondly, It can promote good communication skills by interacting with different people from various regions since it can enhance students to go abroad to have the best carrier ahead.

In my opinion, salary plays an important role in our life. a high salary is vital In our life, and to get an average salary, we should be placed in top companies. As top companies focus on universities, large students prefer the best university in the world to start their carrier in lucrative companies.

In conclusion, As we discussed, universities provide more job opportunities than other schools to promote good carrier progress.

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