Some People Believe that To Give Opportunities to The New Generation (1)

Some People Believe that To Give Opportunities to The New Generation

Some people believe that to give opportunities to the new generation; companies should encourage high-level employees who are older than 55 to retire. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, many newly developed multinational organisations are working with people who differ in age groups. A few people think that the companies should motivate top or managerial position workers to retire after the age of 55 in order to make way for the young generation to work. I totally disagree with this idea because the senior workers would be able to contribute more to the sustainable development of the company. Apart from that, early retirement can create financial pressure on the state as they need to provide retirement pensions and adequate medical care to those people.

To embark with, older workers have a wide range of positive attributes that they can bring to their working environment. Generally, they have more work experience than those who are younger. Therefore these old people are becoming mentors who are responsible for inspiring and educating the next generation in the corporation. In my own experience, one of my uncles, who is over 57 years, works as an assistant manager in a private firm in India. He has more than 20 years of experience in that firm, and he knows each and every corner of that company. Now he is the one who gives orientation classes for the newcomers. For example, most multinational companies have experienced older workers who have dedicated their entire life to the company’s prosperity. Therefore, senior employees are considered the models for the youngster to imitate.

In addition to that, massively forcing early retirement would be one of the financial burdens to the local government. Once they have been imposed to terminate their job permanently, the state should provide sufficient pension payments and regular medical care for the senior citizens. For example, in many European countries, the authority is responsible for providing adequate living standards and health care for the people once they have retired from work. It is true that the energy level and fresh ideas of youth can rejuvenate a company, but in my opinion, the experience and dedication contributed by the senior employees can guide a company to success.

In conclusion, many individuals think that the top position workers who are over 55 years must leave the organisation to make room for the upcoming generation. In my perspective, older workers are essential for the growth of the firm. Even though the youth can prob innovative ideas to the company, it could not replace the valuable experience of the senior workers. Furthermore, early retirement is not the solution to increase opportunities for youngsters.

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