Scientific Research Should Be Carried out And Controlled by Governments

Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by governments rather than private companies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Although many people believe that despite the private firm, scientific research ought to be taken over and regulated by governments are convincing, I think in a reverse manner and disagree with the given statement. My inclination is justified in the ensuing paragraphs.

Out of all the arguments of scientific research, the prominent one to prove my view is effective research. This is to say that if research segments are handed over to private firms, they tackle them meticulously. A good example of this is Tesla. Tesla makes productive research in space exploration. Besides this, it is also true that it will widen a research area in the individual sector. By this, I mean that they hire proficient scientists in their respective fields to enhance in a particular sector.

The other reason to prove my point is an investment fund. Because private companies have adequate funds to invest in different research sectors to obtain effective outcomes. In addition to the fact that advancement in technology is also logical.

However, I would not overlook the other side too. To begin with, fruitful products are sold at reasonable prices. This is because if research is done by the government sector, then it reduces the profit margins and taxes on the product. Also, citizens find an opportunity to serve in research Center with handsome wages.

Thus, to conclude the discussion, it can be said that despite negotiable prices and employment opportunities, my reasons are that effective research, adequate fund as well as broad advancement in the individual sector are logically acceptable.

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