Describe a Computer/Phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Describe a computer/phone game you have enjoyed playing since your childhood

  • What the game is about,
  • When you started playing it,
  • How often do you play this game,
  • Why do you enjoy playing it

Sample Answer of Describe a Computer/Phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Well, In my childhood, there were not many options to play the game on the phone. I used to play on a black and white screen phone, and it was a snake game. It was such a simple game, and I just needed to move up, down, left or right to catch the dots. The dots themselves serve as food for the snake, and our target makes the snake eat the dots. When the snake eats the dot, it will grow bigger. In the meanwhile, our score also improve. When we complete one task, we move on to the other, but the strategy of the game instead the background will change it will be more of like a grassland with some building blocks to obstruct the path of the snake, if we hit the snake on these blocks the game end.

The game was mostly found in the Nokia mobile handset, and the name of the game is snake xenia. I vaguely remember that when I was in grade 10, my father bought a phone. I was enthusiastic and curious to know what was on the phone. While checking, I found the game menu and tried to check what it was. Initially, it was challenging to play as the mobile phone was not that much handy for me. My curiosity made me play again and again until I understood the game and how to score and break the records.

For a few months, I used to play around three to four hours a day, and this hugely impacted my studies. So thereafter, my father didn’t allow me to play, but weekly once, without knowing my father, I played many times. The main reason for loving this game is that breaking the records of my brothers made me so joyful. I used to dance when making the highest score. Sadly, in this digital era, the game is outdated by the innovative new graphical video games. I still play this game because my mother has an old Nokia mobile set in her hand. She doesn’t know how to use touch phones, so she always prefers phones with buttons.

Follow ups Describe a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Question 1:- What is the impact of teen addiction to games?

Answer – Well, generally speaking, the symptoms of game addiction can vary from a disturbance in behaviour to social isolation. Game addiction should be considered a serious problem because it can cause detrimental effects on both physical, mental health. The primary impacts are children will be more agitated and irritable, showing poor academic performance and spending more time on video games. Eventually, they sequestrate themselves from society and reduce the intake of food and water. All these ended up in irreversible damage to health.

Question 2:- Should parents or teachers take necessary action to prevent children from playing games?

Answer – Absolutely, parents and teachers play a pivotal role in children’s life. So by introducing various strategies, the teachers and the parents can identify the game addiction problems. Parents can introduce the game to the children by making them understand its pros and cons, moreover placing the computer in the living room Ratchathani, the private room of the child will be a wishful notion because placing the computer in the common room, every family members can make an eye on it if the child is playing. Additionally, the parent should keep the gamepad with them so the accessibility to the games will reduce heavenly. The teachers can provide awareness classes to children and parents regarding the awful influence of video games on children.

Question 3:- What do you think are the benefits of playing games?

Answer – Well, the benefits are really less though we should be taken into account, games can widely improve the hand and eye coordination, apart from that if the game is more of based on brainstorming ten definitely the child will be excel in problem-solving and enhance the power creativity. Moreover, it can provide plenty of job opportunities to the child who would like to pursue a career in the making of video games in future.

Question 4:- Why games have been popular amongst teenagers in recent years?

Answer – Well, in the digital era, every child is excessively exposed to mobile phones and computers, so the prevalence of these electronic gadgets increased the accessibility of video games. Moreover, most video games are affordable and less expensive. Youngsters these days consider video games as a source to develop friendship and relatedness by offering the gaming PD to playing together will improve their social skills.

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