Describe a Situation when You Had to Be Friendly with Someone You Dislike

Describe a situation when you had to be friendly with someone you dislike

  • What the situation was,
  • Who this person was,
  • When it was,
  • Why you had to be friendly

Sample Answer of Describe a Situation when You Had to Be Friendly with Someone You Dislike

Being frank in each and every situation is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people tend to be aggressive on many occasions, and even it is a small issue. However, sometimes we need to become frankly with other ones which we do not like is a demand of the situation. This situation also came into my life last month when I was preparing my routine work. I remember that I was working on material planning data on that day as my superior asked me to submit this report on or before 6:00 PM. I worked very hard on my assignments and tried to solve them before 5:30 PM. Out of the blue, Vikas Singh from our customer service Department was come to my end asking do my help with the queries raised by our client.

Actually, I don’t like Vikas as he had just come to us when he had work after work finished he can not feedback and provide any support when we need help from his side. He insisted that I provide a solution to customer complaints that were raised by PGCIL customers on a product called DGA. He was following these things to me every five to 10 minutes, which made me irritated. I was in full anxiety mode on that day and also had some word exchange with him. I also have a complaint about this thing to my manager, but I know he would not support me owing to the hectic schedule at his end.

However, after some minutes, I believe that I should provide priority to this problem as a customer complaint we need to solve immediately to get some financial income from the customer. My seniors also supported me to carry out this view. Afterward, I have behaved with him very amicable way. He also understood the thing behind my earlier eagerness and together on that day we both have solved the customer observation and after that our customer was a very delight because of our feedback of solution of that problem. I was glad that I had controlled my anger on that day and additionally completed customer complaints.

Follow-ups Describe a Situation when You Had to Be Friendly with Someone You Dislike.

Question 1:- Why are people friendly with the person they don’t like?

Answer – I think the main reason is that they do not want to know the person which they do not like. People feel that if the person knows about the thing they dislike, he or she can not support them in the future.

Question 2:- What kinds of people are usually friends?

Answer – Friends are part of our life, and many people consider them as a family. The majority of people in the world are friendly. In my opinion, people who live in the countryside tend to be friendlier than megalopolis, but it is mainly due to the fast-paced and stressful life in cities.

Question 3:- What do you think about people who are always straightforward?

Answer – I think these types of people are the best people in the world as whatever In their heart they are expressing honesty to others. However, I also believe that in today’s time, being straightforward is an impossible task for anyone.

Question 4:- What are the differences between being friendly and polite?

Answer – Being friendly is about our behavior or actions toward others. On the other hand, politeness is about words. Friendly people have a quality of self-awareness, courage, integrity, and honesty while polite describing people sharing their gossiping, communication, thoughts, and feelings in a genuine way.

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