Talk about a problem that you solved with help of internet

Talk about a problem that you solved with help of internetSample answer 1:-

Well, the internet plays an essential role in human beings life as well as everyone depends on the internet. Nowadays, we collect any information, data, knowledge through the internet. I also use the internet for different sorts of tasks such as studies, work, fashion, cooking, and so on.

But here I would like to talk about a problem which I solved through the internet.1 month ago, on 6th May, that day was very special for me because of that day my sister’s birthday. I and my all family were very happy.

interestingly, I always prefer to make something special on a special occasion. That time, my sister told me to cook the rainbow cake. Nowadays, it is very famous in all over the world. My sister is a very foodie person and she always takes dreams of eatable things.

Apart from that, I know how to cook a simple cake, chocolate cake, fruit cake but, that time, I did not know how to cooked rainbow cake. That time, I worried about the evening birthday party.

After that, I discussed my issue with my sister then, she suggested me to visit an online cooking website. Immediately, I took my phone and search on Google on how to make the rainbow cake at home. Surprisingly, I saw a hundred Plus videos of a full rainbow cake process.

Moreover, I saw the video of an easy cooking channel and, she mentioned all ingredients in Hindi and English. I understood her instructions. With it, she showed the list of ingredients such as self-raising flour, baking powder, soft unsalted butter, light brown sugar, 6 large eggs, vanilla extract, any kind of milk and rainbow shades of fruit color. I started my cake process according to the video.

Furthermore, I spent at least 1 and a half hours in this process. At last, the rainbow cake looked amazing and delicious. In the evening, my sister cut the cake. Surprisingly, the cake was too soft and tasty. All guest told me you are a brilliant cook. That time felt on the 7th cloud.

At last, that time I solved my problem through the internet and gave me a good result. That was my first experience when I cooked a cake with the help of the internet.

Sample answer 2:-

Interesting, the internet is the main source to collect any sorts of information, knowledge and so on. In the Modern era, every human being depends on the internet because when they face any trouble then they use the internet to solve that particular problem. I also prefer to use the internet anytime anywhere without any problem.

But here I would like to talk about a problem that I solved with the help of the internet. I remember, in summer that time I faced skin allergy from dust particles and sun rays. After it, I used different sorts of products related to this problem as well as I visited the skin doctor walk clinic. He gave me cosvita C cream I use that for approximately one month.

But I did not receive any result then I made some products with the help of kitchen ingredients. Hopefully, one day my sister came to my home then she shocked to look my face. Interestingly, she recommended me to follow the YouTube channel of gharelu nuskha.

Apart from that, next I was from my office and housework. After it, I was suffering on the internet. So, I searched that particular channel gharelu nuskha. Then, I saw some videos related to skin allergy and problems.

Moreover, I saw one video, in this video, he shared the main reason of skin allergy such as use any product without collect proper information, do not cover the body during the summer and ate medicine without doctors permission.

Furthermore, that time I decided to change my all habits and he recommended to use aloe vera gel morning and evening time, as well as use, rose water to clean the skin allergy area. At last the video, he told to all viewers to avoid all cosmetics for products. After it, I used all products daily and received the result in a week. That time I solved my big problem with the help of the internet.

With it, I subscribed that channel and follow all the videos. When I faced any problem then write in the comment box and I receive the solution in the upcoming video. According to me, we use the internet for the type of purposes. Today there are a lot of websites providing news on the internet

Followups question:-

Question:-does internet has any benefits?

Answer: Well, the internet plays an essential role in human beings life. There is a number of benefits of the internet. The Internet is very useful to communicate with each other in a few seconds. With it, the businessman also uses the internet to do business one country to another country. Moreover, the internet also beneficial for students because children easily search for all solutions related to the study. Nowadays, schools also provide all the information related to the internet.

Question: -what do you think it is good children use internet

Answer: – according to my point of view, the internet is very important for kids because, in the modern era, all schools provide all the syllabus and holiday homework on the School website. Apart from that, children’s also gain knowledge through the internet and they save their tuition fee with the help of it. Furthermore, they also read ebooks anywhere anytime in free of cost. In free time kids can watch historical series and some cartoon to relax the mind and body.

Question:- does internet help in entertainment?

Answer:- according to my perspective, the internet is the best tool on the internet. With the help of it, individuals watch any types of movies, serials, drama, short movies, and so on in different languages. Apart from that, we watch live shows on the internet without paying any cost.

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