Today there are a lot of websites providing news on the internet

# Today there are a lot of websites providing news on the internet. Some people believe that these websites will totally replace traditional newspapers and magazines. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1:-

In the present scenario, the internet has become part and parcel of our lives. A number of news websites are running on the internet.  A group of individuals thinks that digital media like websites will take place of traditional types of media.  I partly disagree with the given argument.  There are some reasons for it which I will discuss it in the following paragraphs of this essay.

The first and foremost reason for it is that newspapers and magazines are cheaper than digital media. So, every person can easily afford it because having an internet connection is expensive for poor people.  In fact, some persons do not afford smartphones. So, they give more preference to the newspaper. Apart from it, sometimes the old generation is not tech-savvy and they prefer to read the news in the native language. They can read it anywhere such in the park, on bus or train, and so on. Furthermore, it is reader-friendly as with a flip of page one can glance through a variety of news. They can read news according to their capacity for reading. Thus, there is no need to open a number of windows.

However, News websites are providing up to date news related to all fields whereas newspapers or magazines give us one-day-old news. Moreover, websites provide us more options such as sharing, download, print as well as, video clips with the news. In addition to it, news websites reduce the wastage of paper because all news is easily available on the web and different apps. So that there is no need to print the news so it is good for the economy.

To conclude, E-news’s trend is increasing day by day because of the latest updates, downloading applications, and so on but it will not totally replace newspapers and magazines. Reading newspapers is a handy or portable thing for older ones because they can read it according to their own convenience. Also, I believe that E-news can reduce the wastage of papers.

Sample 2:-

Nowadays every person has his or her own smartphone. He or she uses it for a plethora of purposes such as for reading news or uploading photographs on social networking websites. A camp of society believes that digital media will reduce the preference of printed media. I quite agree with the given statement. There are various reasons for it. In this essay, I will elaborate it in the upcoming paragraphs.

One of the main reasons for reading news on the internet with the help of a number of websites is the latest news. Actually, in the present scenario, one can read fresh news daily. So, they avoid reading newspapers because of one day old new in it. It helps them to know what is happening in their surroundings? Apart from it, one can read the news on the internet whenever he or she wants. In other words, some persons do not have time to go to the market and buy a newspaper or magazines but they have mobile phones. So, they can read the news on websites with the help of internet connection in it.

To add to it, nowadays people become aware of increasing waste on earth. So, they start avoiding purchasing a newspaper and become eco-friendly. For instance, According to a survey of “Hindustan Times”, one million newspapers and magazines become part of waste material every year. Moreover, News websites include downloading, printing, sharing, videos and so on. So, individuals can share the news with their near and dear ones. It helps them to aware of their friends or family about misconduct in their city or hometown. However, some people cannot afford expensive android phones with internet connection in it. So, they give more preference to newspapers because it is cheaper than news on the internet.

All in all, Reading E-news is environment-friendly and well convenient due to many applications such as downloading and sharing the news. I believe, this can helps us to preserve our environment and reduce waste.

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