Describe a restaurant that provide you bad food service.

# Describe a restaurant that provides you bad food service.

  • When it happened
  • Where did it happen
  • Who you were with
  • What happened
  • Why the service was bad

Describe a restaurant that provides you bad food service nutritive value of food received very bad serviceSample 1

Well, the restaurant is the main part of human beings’ life when I am tired from my stress and work at that time essential thing comes in my mind it is food because I am a very foody person. I always prefer to eat different sorts of delicious food. However, sometimes I received very bad service in the restaurant and I feel bad. But here I would like to talk about the bad food service which I received.

I remember 3 months ago, some unaccepted guests visited at my home. Unfortunately, we were out of snacks and I did have anything to serve in front of the visitor’s. That’s why my mother told me to buy something from the market. Normally I buy everything from re wounded places.

But that day, I had to buy something in the last movement. So I decided to purchase something from the newly opened Dhingra restaurant as well as it is very near to my home.

Luckily, there were only two customers at that time. So I thought it would not take much time to buy anything. When I reached there I told them that I was in a hurry and wanted to buy five samosas and one small chocolate cake.

Apart from that, the owner of the shop told me that is helper will pack the requested items within 2 minutes. I was happy to hear that. However, it took him 5 to 7 minutes to pack the items. He told me that the last piece of samosa was already sold out. So he had a pack bread sandwich.

Moreover, when open the box, I was surprised to see that he packed five different varieties of snacks. It really annoyed me. I refused to take the box it would be embarrassing if we serve and different snacks to our guests. But, the shopkeeper said he would not let me go until.

Furthermore, I pay the money because his worker had packed those items for me. That time did not have time for any angry argument with him. So, I paid the money and went to another shop to buy something else. I told my mother about their unpleasant service. I have never been to that shop again for the rest of my life.

Sample 2

Well, in the Modern era, everyone prefers to eat outside with family and friends as well as it is a good way to enjoy and eat together. I also like to go outside for dinner or lunch because I am a very foodie person. But here I would like to talk about a restaurant that provides a very blunt food service.

I remember, last year, I and my family went to Big Ben restaurant .it is locating the central part of my hometown as well as it is very famous. The most interesting thing, there is a number of facilities available for the customer.

Unfortunately, that day I received a bad service.28 December, that day sister’s birthday and we decided to went outside to celebrate her birthday. After a huge discussion, we decided to visit the big ben.

Apart from that, this particular restaurant very near to my house. When we entered in the family hall. we saw all the tables were dirty but we ignored that. Then, we saw the menu and ordered traditional special thali with buttermilk.

After that, the waiter told me just to wait for 20 minutes. Then, we waited at least 30 minutes and we were very hungry. After a lot of waiting, we received the wrong order but we corporated with the staff.

Surprisingly, that food was tasteless and not properly cooked. At last, I complained to the owner of that restaurant and he apologized. Then, he called all the staff and warned about that mistake.

That time I received very bad service from the well-reputed restaurant and, we could not celebrate my sister’s birthday. I cannot forget that moment because at that time we received horrible service and I will never recommend this restaurant to everyone. Describe your summer holidays or vacations.

Followups question:-

Question:- what kind of services are bad service?

Answer:- actually it depends on the situation and all the services are not bad and good but sometimes we receive bad service because we do not check properly about that particular service. People only heard from others and immediately trying that service and they do not satisfied with it.

Question:- why do some people choose to remain silent when they received bad services?

Answer:- some people don’t like to complain about bad service because they understand the situation as well as, they not really bother about the bad service. Sometimes, they think about along process of complaining and they did not like to face any type of trouble. Moreover, usually, a well-educated person thinks it is a wastage of time to complain about something. If we received bad service then stay silent and change the place in the future.

Question:- do you prefer to eat at your at-home or restaurant?

Answer:- well I am a very foodie person and I prefer both sides. Usually, I like to eat food at home because of homemade food healthy and good for health. But, I also like to visit the restaurant on special occasions such as birthday parties, marriage anniversary, on good news, success party and so on because that time we do not have time to make food at home in huge quantities. So at that time I prefer to go to the restaurant and we sit together as well as enjoy a lot.

Question:- is expensive food always good for health?

Answer:- never, expensive food not always good for health because sometimes we buy expensive oily food which is harmful to the human body. Even, some expensive food good for health such as chicken, almond, wheat bread, energy drinks and many more. These things are expensive what healthy for health. For example every month I spend $30 on roasted almonds but these are best for my health and doctors also recommend it.

Question:- do you give more importance to the taste or nutritive value of food?

Answer:- I give importance to both good taste and nutritive value of food. I think that nutritive food should be taken but it should be prepared in such a way that it has a palatable taste. Moreover, it should be easily digestible. Sometimes, when I do not feel good that time I prefer to only tasty food to change my mouth taste.

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