Talk about a piece of local news that was interesting

Talk about a piece of local news that was interesting

Sample 1 ( Arts Competition )

Well, I love to read the newspaper. It helps me to know what to happen in my local area. Every day I read a plethora of local news in a newspaper named “Punjabi Jagran“. here I would like to talk about one local news which I found very interesting. It was related to a painting competition. I describe it briefly.

Arts CompetitionActually, about 2 months ago, I was reading the newspaper in the morning time. Suddenly I saw news related to a painting competition in my district Moga. This competition was organized by an art gallery named “Preet Arts”. I read that contestants should register for this competition. I also wanted to take part in this painting competition. There are some reasons for it.

First of all, I read that the prize for this competition was 10000 rupees. It was a big amount for me. At that time I need money you take admission in a cookery course. So I wanted to win this competition.

Apart from it, the judge of this competition was a famous painter in my district. His name is Preet Jagdey. He is a fabulous artist. I wanted to meet him through this competition because it was really very hard to meet him due to his busy schedule.

I got a chance to meet Mr. Preet. In addition to it, I also read that after this competition, the management of this art gallery will organize a press conference to support the winner.

So, I thought that it is captivating news. I registered for this and took part in it. Luckily, by the grace of God, I won this competition and got a chance to meet the favorite artist. All in all that was the news which I read in the newspaper. I believe it was really very interesting news for me.

Follow UPS–

  • Do you like to visit art galleries??
  • Is there any art gallery in your hometown?? Have you visited it??
  • Why people like to visit art galleries??
  • What do you think art galleries should be free for visitors??? Why or why not??
  • Is it a good idea or a bad idea to organize competitions in art galleries??
  • Are Children like to visit art galleries??
  • Is it beneficial for kids to visit the art gallery??

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