Nowadays more people are choosing to socialize online

Nowadays more people are choosing to socialize online rather than face to face, is this a positive or negative development?

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The Internet has been influencing every sphere of mankind including the interaction of people among each other. Where the trend of socializing online over in-person has emerged, it has both assets and liabilities that I am going to highlight in the following piece of writing.


On the bright side of the notion, the online platform of social media has provided broad horizons to humans where there are no boundaries or limitations of geographical factors to maintain relationships. Nowadays everyone is just one click away irrespective of the distance in thousands of miles which has bought closeness among people. Moreover, this inexpensive mode of interaction has removed the barrier of the cost incurred in meeting someone face to face as virtual meetings are not less than physical ones.


To keep the ball rolling the modern way of communication has proved to be age-friendly as well, traveling was a big hack for mature and old people and mostly they were unable to meet their loved ones but technology has proved to be boon to them as well.


However, on the opposite side increased influence of artificial meetings has taken away the joy of sharing emotions on a cup of tea, and live chats help to express feelings in a much natural manner. Undoubtedly Hugs and touch can never be replaced with digital smiles and pictures.


In the crux, Although electronic socializing has a lot of merits yet the delight in the face-to-face contact is incomparable. In the present time when the technology-oriented era is taking over relationships, one must try to cope up and get some time from our busy schedules to greet loved ones on its own.

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  1. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can communicate with a person who is sitting at a significant distance from us, within seconds. With the advancement of technology, came the social media.
    According to me, social media can have both a positive as well as a negative impact. It depends on how it is being used.
    Recently, a post about Baba ka Dhaba went viral through one of these social media platforms. As a result, people from all over the country came to their aid and helped them in these desperate times. Similarly, social media has helped many talented individuals, such as Yash with his ‘Rasode mai kaun tha’ music video and helped him to be recognized. Also, people have been connected with each other in these corona times through these social media apps, so that has helped them to socialize.
    On the downside, these companies have also been called out for selling out private information to Russian and Chinese government.
    So, we need to be careful what we share on social media. Thus, it can have both a positive as well as a negative impact.

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