In the Future, It Will Become More Difficult to Live on Earth so More Money

In the future, it will become more difficult to live on Earth so more money should be spent researching how to live on other planets such as Mars. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is irrefutable that the earth is polluting day by day due to man-made disasters to the environment, and almost everyone in the world opines that more money should be spent on the programs related to scientific research whether life exists on other planes or not. However, I disagree with the statement and elaborate my views in further essay and thus lead to a logical conclusion.

To begin with, undoubtedly, there will be no life for humans and other living species on the earth due to an increase in temperature, but if proper measures are taken, then it can be resolved. For instance, the drinking water is getting polluted by throwing the factory waste into the river and lakes, and only 3 per cent of fresh water is available in the whole world. So, the government has to spend the money to reverse and minimize this situation by implementing strict rules and fines to the factories if they dump the waste into rivers. As a result, after some years 10 per cent of the earth may become pollution-free and only less amount is involved in this scheme wheres if public officials concentrate on researching the planet then they have to spend a vast amount which results in a decrease in world’s economy and also if the mission is failed the total effort is wasted.

Moreover, if officials invest in planting more trees in the countryside and the city probably, there will be a decrease in the temperatures, thus leading to less melting of polar ice caps, which paves the path to living safely and happily for the living organisms on the planet. More funds need to be raised for this scheme from every citizen, and awareness has to be created among all individuals to support it. Then there will be a plethora of changes that can be seen. So, spending little amounts on every single scheme which enable to reduce environmental pollution will result in greater ways rather than spending crores of money on planet research and predicting the outputs.

To conclude, although planning for the future and researching on the planet for life existence may bring positive changes but predictions always not benefits the world rather than it is better to introduce new schemes with little investment and working on it to bring changes in less time may help every human being and other living organisms to live safer on this earth planet only.

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