Some Believe that People Are Naturally Born as Leaders While Others Feel that Leadership Skills Can Develop

Some believe that people are naturally born as leaders while others feel that leadership skills can develop. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is argued that leaders are genitally skilled. By contrast, others claim that leadership could be learned. In my opinion, being a leader requires some specific traits of personality, while some skills can develop. To begin with, to be a leader demands some natural skills. The person in charge should have some strong habits in order to make decisions.

Moreover, he/she should be an outgoing person and full of energy. All these personality traits should aid the leader in organizing, inspiring, and also motivate people. For example, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, a famous person in Ghana, is a natural-born leader who convinces people to work with him in order to create something he has planned for, and with this ability, he has been able to create more companies and a lot of jobs for people in the country. So being sociable and having a strong personality are important natural skills for being a leader.

On the contrary, some people consider that leadership can be developed. Nowadays, there are a lot of pieces of training which can help people who want to become leaders, like public speaking and so on. In these programs, future managers are learning through various techniques to overpower their lack of confidence or other fears related to managing and communication. For instance, Dacian Ciolos, an ex-prime minister of Romania, had been a technocrat before he was a prime minister. He was not a natural-born leader before he involved himself in politics. He has improved in leadership skills significantly. As a result, today, he is considered more popular in his country. So it is proved that some leadership skills can be developed.

To conclude, some people are born leaders while others become rulers by their choice and learning it. In my opinion, leadership can be achieved by practicing to a certain point, when the natural skills will take the lead.

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