Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

You should say:

  • What the change was about
  • When it happened
  • Describe details of the change that happened
  • And describe how it affected you later in life.

Sample Answer of Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

I would like to talk about the change happened in my life. four years before. Initially I used to get nervous and I go empty person who gets who gets quickly anger.So my friend VigneshRaj who was very polite and kind hearted person. He’s very close to my heart.He helped me to overcome those behavior. One day,is not on board, immediately, without proper nice and so he called me and he explained all the things happening in everyone’s lies about ups and downs in life, it will come and go. And he explained or no best story.I don’t remember the story name.The story was very much motivating and moreover he insists me to recollate all your past two outcomes and positive memories to gather, then you can slowly, avoid this problem.So initially I found struggle. But after two to three months, I feel myself some improvement or in my behavior. I started to speak of friendly with everyone. And I shared my things and ideas with other appeal groups members, I fear members.So I have to thank him.At this moment, because without him. I’m not able to change my motto from negative side to positive side, it really affected my life, you know, many good possible things.

Follow ups Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Question 1 How is your country changing?

Answer – every country will change according to the economics and global culture. In my country, the culture, the tradition culture is being replaced by the Western culture nowadays. Secondly, the product, which areimported from other countries or used by people more.So they economical for our country was steadily decreasing. So people should change is necessary, but people have to accept the truth and they have to be focused on the country’s development also.

Question 2 What changes have smartphones brought to our lives?

Answer – They are lots of advantages. We can experience by using a smartphone today. Firstly, we can message, or talk to any person, wherever they knew. Or secondly, they can use all types of calculation, and there are lots of resources, which can be downloaded from the internet. Finally, we can watch all the program, and TV shows to mobile phone. So, televisions, not necessary.In future days.

Question 3 Do you think people working from home would be a positive change?

Answer – If you’re working from home they can spend more time with those family, then we can concentrate our work more in office, there will be loss of employee, and they will be a lot of people working in the same room, so they will be some distractions, and he cannot able to do the work easily. But when we are working from home. There is no one to disturb us so we can concentrate the work and we can complete the work earlier.

Question 4 Do you think people’s work in the future will be heavily affected by technology?

Answer – Yes. As of now, technology has been playing a major role in every field.So, today, many people are working from home, rather than going to office. So in future, the same may continue. And they will be more automation in mechanical and civil see in past, people used to carry or heavy objects. But now, as employment in technology, there is lots of automation instruments that used to carry the heavy load.

Question 5 Compare the pace of technological progress in the past and in the present?

Answer – In past time, people use, people used to visit persons.If they want to talk to person, they have to meet them in person. But today, they can call them from wherever they are. Secondly, in past all jobs are manmade. But today, most of the jobs are overtaken by computers, and robotics.Finally,in the medical scene.Lots of instruments have been improved a lot for doing surgery.

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