Describe One Time When the Weather Changed Your Plan

Describe One Time When the Weather Changed Your Plan
You should say:

  • When did this happen?
  • Where were you?
  • What kind of weather was it?
  • Explain why you could not finish the thing
  • What did you do at the end?

Sample Answer of Describe One Time When the Weather Changed Your Plan

Weather in my country is very predictive as many individuals always consider it valuable assert before planning new trips or foundations. Similarly, when I graduated from my marathon college journey where my friends and I had planned to visit Goa in late December for a New Year party. As we all were new to entering this colourful world and inexperience in the surrounding life.

We checked all the necessary things, including the weather forecast, to smoothen our first ever trip. Though eventually, it was light rain during our visit to Goa, we had ignored the consequences and continued to explore it. Moreover, we all were excited to do water activities in the oceans, such as paragliding, scuba diving and etcetera. However, our excitement turned into horror as the ocean went crazy, and we were forced to stop all the aquatic activities we dreamt of for days.

We all were saddened and grieve as our main aim behind this trip was an adventure taken away by the heavy storm and rain. Although we all finally decided to abandon this and packed our bags as the local authority asked all the tourists to stay inside their hotels for few days, we left Goa with a heavy heart. Though, it was the weather that played the role of villain in one of the golden trips.

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