Talk About a Decision Made by Someone but You Disagreed

Talk about a decision made by someone, but you disagreed

You should say:

  • What was the decision?
  • How was it made?
  • What you disagreed with?
  • And explain why you disagreed with it?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Decision Made by Someone but You Disagreed

Last year I had a small argument with my parents. They had received a call regarding the adoption of a 5-year-old dog. The dog’s name was Bruno, and he was a husky. He was an abandoned and abused dog, so he needed a new home. My parents were adamant about adopting that dog without doing their research and knowing the dog’s history. There were many discussions regarding this topic; however, all of them ended, causing disagreement and disputes between us.

My parent decided to adopt the dog, but I disagreed for various reasons. I explained to them all the reasons why we cannot adopt this dog. Firstly, I had a long discussion with them discussing all the factors, for instance- huskies are huge breeds, they are high maintenance, they require space which we evidently did not have. I made them understand that we should not adopt such a big dog as we will not be able to take full responsibility, and we didn’t want the dog to suffer even more. We had limited Knowledge of raising a dog. Therefore, we didn’t want to cause more psychological damage.

I believed that Bruno could find a better home where he will be loved and taken care of. My parents understood my point of view, and we decided that we will not adopt this dog. Instead, we will pay for his treatment, food and basic necessities. In the end, we all agreed and just prayed for that dog’s well-being.

Follow-ups Talk About a Decision Made by Someone, but You Disagreed.

Question 1:- What skills are necessary when making decisions?

Answer – I think effective decision making requires many skills. The most important skill, in my opinion, is time management. A good decision will reflect that a lot of time was invested in planning out this decision.

Question 2:- How do you think computers will change the way people make decisions?

Answer – In my opinion computers will completely change the way people make decisions. In the future, people will rely on modern technology to base their decisions. There will be apps and other features that will allow easy and effective decision making.

Question 3:- How can people improve their decision-making skills?

Answer – There are many ways in which people can improve their decision-making skills. Firstly, people can start making pros and cons lists while making decisions so that they are aware of the consequences or the outcome. As I mentioned that good decisions require time and effort. Therefore, one must invest their time properly before making a decision.

Question 4:- Do parents in India allow their children to make important decisions about the future?

Answer – I would say that depends on the age of the child. These days high school students are knowledgeable and practical while making decisions, so their parents have given them the liberty to make important decisions. In India, nowadays, parents are pushing their kids to make their own life decisions.

Question 5:- Do you think that parents should make important decisions for their children?

Answer – I believe parents intervention in important decisions is extremely crucial. However, parents should consider their child’s opinion too before making important decisions for them. The gen z’s are extremely practical, and they can decide for themselves; therefore, the decision making power should be with them.

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