Describe an important technological product you bought

Describe an important technological product you bought

-What is it
-When did you buy it
-How often do you use it

Sample answer:-

Well, in the present scenario, we are living in a technological era where Technology has spread its legs. We are flooded with technological products such as mobile phones, microwaves, washing machines, computers and so on. Here I would like to talk about technological products which I bought 5 months ago. It was a fitness tracking Smartwatch. I describe it briefly.

First of all, if I talk about technological products, then Technological products are the tangible types of objects that have been designed by people. It has developed through technological practice in order to serve particular functions for human beings.

I bought this smartwatch from a showroom named “Preet electronics”. Actually, about 5 months ago, I had joined a fitness club in my hometown. Fitness instructor suggests admin purchase smartwatch which tracks one’s physical fitness. So I purchased it.

If I talk about this Smartwatch then,  It is made by Fitbit Versa 2  company. It is a vast improvement over its predecessor, courtesy of a vibrant AMOLED touch screen, even better ergonomics, and a more powerful processor.technological product you bought

This fitness tracking Smartwatch is the first Fitbit product with Amazon Alexa onboard.  Interestingly, one can interact with the virtual assistant by just pressing a button. With the help of it,

A person can receive answers to questions via on-screen text.  Of course, the Versa 2 has a built-in microphone, so Alexa can hear your voice commands.

Every day, when I go to the Fitness Club, I on my Left Wrist. It tells me about calories that I born in my daily routine as well as during exercise.
Apart from it, with the help of the Smartwatch, I easily get information that how many steps I take during a day.

All in all, this is a technological product which I purchased and it is very fruitful for me.

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Describe an important technological product you bought

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