Describe an Exciting Book that You Enjoy Reading

Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading

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Reading books is part and parcel of life to acquire more knowledge. To read the books thoroughly makes a man perfect and successful in life. I have read certain books. But the most alluring book is pharmacology. This book is bifurcated into several chapters. Each chapter is subdivided into various parts. Suppose I take the example of NSAIDS which is used to treat fever and relief pain.

Under NSAIDs, they have described various sections like introduction, classification, then mechanism of action, uses, etcetera. It means a plethora of descriptions they have given. Another thing which fascinated me about this is, it was not much expensive at all. If anyone wants to get hold of some medicinal knowledge, then he/ she can purchase.

It’s freely accessible to the internet as well. I always prefer to read this in the morning in order to acquire more knowledge regarding medicine. I often used to read this book thrice a week. The detailed description they have described in this in a comprehensive manner, and even when I read this book, I felt over the moon. Sooner or later, I will achieve my goal whatever the desires and dreams I have in my life. Apart from it, Through this book, I will leave no stone unturned to become a successful woman in the upcoming future. This book is making my future bright.

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Question 1. do you prefer books or movies?

Answer – In my leisure time, I always prefer to read books because, during this drive, I will make up my own mind to become successful in life.

Question 2. Do you think it is most imp. to read books before watching the movie version?

Answer – No, it’s not important at all. It totally replies from person to person means it varies. But according to my own perspective, it is not important at all.

Question 3. What kind of books do Indian people prefer to read?

Answer – Most Indians prefer to read some storybooks for knowledge and happiness of mind. Because these books relieve them from stressful life.

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