The Bar Charts below Provide Information about Percentages of Students

The bar charts below provide information about percentages of students who are proficient in a foreign language in different countries. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The bar charts below provide information about percentages of students

The chart pictures the statistics of people from six different countries who are experts in foreign languages.

The six different countries depicted in the chart are China, Romania, Thailand, India, Russia, and Vietnam. It’s crystal clear that women lead overall than men, where the highest surges by Indian females are more than 65%, whereas males of India settle in between 50 – 60%.on average India tops the list of countries.

On the other hand, china subsides with less than 30% overall, placing at the bottom of all countries. Romania stands very close to India, with more than 60 % of female experts and 42% of male experts. There is no significant difference between male experts of Russia and Vietnam as they both are just above 30%.

Navigating to females of Vietnam, they are competing with India, Romania with 55% of proficiency. Russian females stand at a decent number with 42%. Finally, Thailand stands just above china with less than 35% of language experts on the whole.

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