Overall Tips and Tricks for Speaking Ielts Exam

Overall Tips and Tricks for Speaking Ielts ExamWell, dear students,
Speaking module is one of the important parts of the IELTS course. These modules need full confidence as well as hard work.  a plethora of learners Feels uncomfortable when they speak the English language. But here we are providing you some tips and tricks which can be proved fruitful for you to achieve a high band score speaking module.

There are three parts of the speaking module.

1: First part is related to the introductive question in which examiner asks some general type of questions to a student. Perhaps, the examiner can ask about your name, family, friends, hobbies, interest, home, qualification profession and so on.
2: In the second part, the examiner gives a cue card topic to the learner and say to talk about it 2 to 3 minutes. A student should have to complete this task quite carefully and with good confidence.
3: After it, the third part starts. In this part teacher suddenly ask a question to you related with your cue card topic and it shows that the third part of your speaking exam starts. Then the teacher asks a few numbers of questions related to those things which you described enjoy your cue card. You should speak clearly about your opinion in this part because the examiner will try to confuse you much time.

Important things for speaking
1: You should have good communication skill such as
(a) good fluency of the English language
(b) no hesitation
(c) no grammatical errors
(d) impressive and different ideas
(e) positive and natural pauses, no negative pause or a long pause.

2: Your body language should be positive like
(a) good confidence
(b) positive attitude
(c) eye contact and connection with the listener
(d) good manner and politeness
(e) use of your hands naturally

Some instrumental things which are helpful to gain a high score in the IELTS exam.
1: Fluency and coherence
In other words, a candidate should speak with fluency and try to explain all things with good use of words.
2: wide range of vocabulary
One should have knowledge that what he or she speaks about? Only impressive ideas explanation a leader for you to be successful in speaking.
3: Grammatical accuracy
There should be no errors in the sentences which you are taking. You should carefully grammar rules of English and use them during your speaking exam.
4: Pronunciation
The pronunciation of words should be correct. It assesses your ability to pronounce the words clear and about your mother tongue influence.
Apart from it, you can use filters to gain high band scores in speaking module such as
Well, yes, of course, you know, yeah sure
To be honest, I must say, I get, definitely, certainly, personally and so on.

You can also use connectors to connect your reasons.
For instance, to add to it, apart from it, moreover, however, furthermore and so on.

And one more thing. If you are unable to understand the question asked by the examiner, then you can say that
Pardon please, I didn’t catch that, could you please rephrase this question for me.

All these Things will surely help you to achieve a good band score speaking exam.

Some other speaking tips.
1: Be positive and confident
2: Give a full answer
3: Speak clearly and don’t worry about your accent
4: Speak naturally, not too fast or not too slow.
5: Explain the names and words related to another language.
6: Ask questions, if necessary but in just third part.
7: Stay on topic9
8: Be relaxed and keep eye contact with the examiner.

These are some Tips and tricks which helps you to achieve a good band score in your exam. Do not hesitate and just start speaking practice in front of the mirror. Good luck for your bright future or your exam.


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