As the Population of a Nation Increases, New Houses Are Needed

As the population of a nation increases, new houses are needed. Do you think it is better to build new houses in the countryside or in the cities?

In today world standard of living is rising day by day due to urbanization and people need more homes to live in .there are debate either to construct new homes on existing sites or build new city would be a good option instead of making more build in existing cities, this is ongoing development will be justified in the upcoming consequence section.

To begin, the construction of additional buildings in existing cities will provide not only dense existing city areas but also affect many other aspects of human life. Moreover, there is a lack of resources to survive in the city, such as land, water and major issues that increase the cost of living in the suburbs. For instance, Mumbai is a highly congested city in India where the cost of land and other substance prices reach the sky. Apart from that more development in the left vacant place can reduce the open premises and beauty of the location that can cause traffic congestion on the road.

Furthermore, the development of new cities toward the countryside can force the government to develop more facilities like transportation water supply, and basic need of society can be improved, and a positive ramification on villager financial status .in addition the environment of countryside is clean and quiet which is beneficial for personal and social health .moreover in rural areas create more job for local people aloof from traditional occupation.

In conclusion, overcrowding the cities could be the cause of health problems and congestion, so moving toward the countryside would be the best option for overall development.

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