Some Say That Because Many People Are Living Much Longer

Some say that because many people live much longer, the age at which people retire from work should be raised considerably. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is said by many that the age of retirement should be revised due to the life span of humans increase since the last century. I believe the age of retirement should not be revised. Firstly, this essay shall discuss that increasing for people in this sector may negatively influence economy and individual. Secondly, it will argue that unemployment will boom in the market if the government considers this factor.

There is always the limitation of something in our lives, either time or age, as both are not in our hands, but we should consider it a vital platform for economic development. Majorly on the earth, people dream of escaping from work at a very early age due to pressure and depression, where many think that retirement age should be revised to tackle the life expectancy ratio. However, it deleteriously harms human life as they feel depression and work pressure if they keep working beyond a certain age; secondly, prevention of creativity and productivity hurt many companies overall. Thus, the age of retirement shouldn’t be changed.

However, the age factor plays a vital role to develop a better economy in any nation. If people are not retiring at a certain age, creating jobs across the nation would be a serious issue for the government, which ultimately creates a wide gap between employment and unemployment. For instance, currently, Japanese people live longer than any other country’s community, finding it difficult to create jobs and opportunities for their people. Therefore, the government should consider several factors before implementing any new regulation.

To conclude, the retirement of age should be fixed to maintain a balance between employment unemployment.

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