You Recently Discovered that There Are Plans to Build a New Airport in Your Area

You Recently Discovered that There Are Plans to Build a New Airport in Your Area, and You Are Not Happy with It. Write a Letter to The Local Authority. In Your Letter,

  • Say how you found out about the plans.
  • Explain what problems your neighbourhood will face.
  • Suggest some possible solutions to those problems.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my concerns about the plans to build a new airport in our area. I came to know about this proposal through a Newspaper. As a resident of this neighbourhood, I believe that the construction of this airport will bring several problems to our community, and I would like to bring these concerns to your attention.

One of the main problems that our neighbourhood will face is increased noise pollution. The sound of aircraft taking off and landing will disturb the peace and quiet of our homes, making it difficult for residents to sleep and leading to a decreased quality of life. Additionally, the increased air traffic may lead to safety concerns, as the low-flying aircraft could pose a risk to the residents and the neighbourhood.

Another concern is the impact on local wildlife and the environment. The construction of the airport and the increased air traffic may lead to the destruction of habitats and the displacement of wildlife, causing harm to the ecosystem and disrupting the delicate balance of our environment.

I want to suggest that the local authority consider alternative solutions to address these problems. One possible solution could be to build the airport in a more remote location, away from residential areas and wildlife habitats. Another solution could be to implement stricter noise regulations and invest in soundproofing technology to minimize the impact of noise on local residents.

In conclusion, I hope the local authority considers these concerns and works to find a solution that benefits the community and the environment. I believe it is possible to build an airport that operates efficiently without causing harm to the neighbourhood or the environment, and I look forward to working with you to find a solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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