Environmental Problems Such as Pollution and Climate Change Affect All the People in The World

Environmental problems such as pollution and climate change affect all the people in the world. While global solutions are required to mitigate these problems, very few have been suggested. Why is there only a small number of solutions? How can these problems be resolved or mitigated?

Many believe that globalisation is affecting all over the globe. To overcome this situation, there should be some solutions. But people feel that there are fewer. There are many reasons to short out this.

To begin with, the solutions there is minimum. The foremost reason for this is less awareness in people. Most of the problem related to pollution arises due to the unhealthy usage of unnecessary pieces of equipment. There are many things that are not required to use, but people are using them. And the government is not able to control this. To add to this, there are some things which are not able to control likewise it is necessary to use the mobile phone nowadays. And this causes harm to nature. Similarly, to live a life, we require land. For this reason, we have to cut trees. So all this makes the minimum number of solutions to these problems.

There are a few things which can be controlled to minimise this problem. There can be a ban on the usage of plastic bags or bottles. There are many disposable items are there which create lots of pollution; this can be illegal to produce. The company should be charged heavy taxes for this. Similarly, there can be some safety majors which can be taken by the government which can help in protecting the environment.

All in all, it can be said that there might be many problems for globalisation though there are fewer solutions for this, everyone needs to be more cautious to save nature.

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