You Have Recently Visited a Local School in Your Community

You have recently visited a local school in your community. It needs people who can help renovate the building and also help with some activities. Write a letter to the principal of the school and say

  • How would you be able to help?
  • When and why would you do it?
  • Who will help you to do it?

Dear Sir,

I am local a resident of the Maninagar region, and I am writing this letter to inform you that I would like to initiate work for that school institute, which I had visited the last week. It was my one of the dream that I should produce sporting types of equipment to young students to get fit and involve in physical exercise.

I discussed this with one of your sports teachers last night; he nods my decision. So I plan to get certain things by the end of this month; there are several sports retail shops that take bulk orders. Moreover, by this encouragement, teenagers will have good exposure to the games.

As I know one of my colleagues who recently bought some tools regarding gym and outdoor games so he would be the one I am looking forward to doing it.

Hoping for a positive response from your side in this matter!

Yours faithfully,
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