People Are Spending More Hours at the Workplace in Some Countries

People are spending more hours at the workplace in some countries. What are the positive and negative impacts of this trend?

In many nations, individuals are spending a huge amount of time in the office and factories. Firstly, this essay shall discuss how these hours can get productivity in work and secondly, it will argue that more influence of work can kill social life.

In the contemporary world, work becomes a very integral part of human life. We all like to earn money and gain some success. Many people across the globe spend their time in a cubic to get more creativity and some productivity. Sometimes, limited working hours are the major caused behind the prevention of skills. For instance, Chinese people are extremely innovative and challenging due to their working hours, which might be the major reason for more start-ups. Thus, working is not a time-consuming process, but it is a money fetching process.

On the other hand, social life gets distressed for those who devote more time to work. People often complain that their life goes in the wrong direction as most working parents fail to provide quality to their offspring. Moreover, older parents feel recluse in their home. When children need them most at the early age of their life, parents are busy with work routines, which negatively influences kids. Secondly, people are often missing some cultural and traditional events due to office work. In this case, many nations had criticized earlier such an extreme working hour’s policy. For example, The USA had cancelled extensive working time periods to balance social and working life. Therefore, spending more time in the office is an imbalance in human life.

To conclude, individuals should maintain a proper balance between life and work to live with tranquillity and peace rather than in a futile manner.

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