You Have Recently Moved to a Different House (1)

You Have Recently Moved to a Different House

You have recently moved to a different house. Write a letter to an English speaking friend. In your letter

  • Explain why you have moved
  • Describe the new house
  • Invite your friend to come and visit

Dear, Jay

I hope you are in the pink of happiness life cut down. I was writing in house Chang. I was rant house never by college campus. I lived in a small room, and many people staying together in a small room. It was time to live a totally creek largest. I don’t group live together. I was rent in a small house.

I was sadly a house rant in college never. I was just a few days ago live in my new house. My new house is charming and opens lank on the left side. And my right side is a beautiful child play area. I have mild off changing in this house. There are two bedrooms, one kitchen, one storeroom and three bathtubs. Three are totally 2 flour divvies. There is Frist flour in the big hall and kitchen, one bath and second floor in two bedrooms, two baths, and a small balcony.

I was living in this area, most of the people speak in English, and I don’t have a knowledge of perfect English. I invite my New house visit. I remembered the last school memories and future relative discussion. I was very excited you visited my new house.

I look forward to visiting my new house.

Your friends

Rahul Patel

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