The Pie Chart Shows the Percentage of Persons Arrested in The Five Years Ending 1994

The pie chart shows the percentage of persons arrested in the five years ending 1994 and the bar chart shows the most recent reasons for arrest. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and making comparisons where relevant.

The pie chart shows the percentage of persons arrested in the five years ending 1994

The information of men and women arrested in the 5 years ending 1994 is presented using a pie chart that depicts the calculation of the percentages of the arrests and a bar graph which illustrates the reasons for the arrest. The information in the bar graph is divided into 7 sections.

Overall, 41% of men and women were arrested in the year 1994. While there is a significant difference in the ratio of arrests between both genders, the most common reason for the arrests was recorded as public drinking. There isn’t any answer to the lowest reason.

The ratio of arrests was 23% higher in men when compared to women. Over 30% of men were convicted of public drinking, and over 25% were arrested for drinking and driving. The figure also illustrates that over 15% of men were arrested for breaching the order, committing assaults, thefts and anonymous reasons. While 32% of males were seized, 68% remained free from arrest.

Less than 10% of the women were arrested in the year 1994. Amongst all the other reasons for arrest, the percentage of public drinking was significantly higher in women in contrast to their counterparts, followed by assault and other reasons. Less than 15% of females were convicted of drinking and drive, breach of order and theft. More than 5% of arrests did not have an answer.

The proportion of people arrested was significantly lower than those who were not arrested. At the same time, men outnumbered the women in all the five reasons for the arrest. Public drinking is the only category where women outnumbered men.

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