The First Man to Walk on The Moon Said Space Exploration Was Going to Change Mankind’s Life: Writing Task 2

The first man to walk on the moon said space exploration was going to change mankind’s life. Some people argue that it made only a little change to our lives. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There are numerous research programs worldwide to make space travel more effortless and affordable. The first man to travel to the moon stated that it was a huge discovery and had made drastic changes to humans. However, some people believe that it did not have a major impact on their lives. This essay will discuss both views and will explain why the former is the better opinion.

Scientists are creating enormous discoveries in the field of space travel which has led to many advances in the livelihood of humans. To begin with, there are many improvements in mobile technology, and it is possible due to the various satellites that transmit and receive signals. For instance, we can make a video call to any friend who is staying in any part of the world without any delay. Furthermore, the governments are providing ample costs to set up their research plants and innovation centres in their countries. This gradually helps people to gain more knowledge regarding the journey, time spent in the space shuttle and different inventions made throughout the travel. Thus there are huge impacts on the daily lifestyle changes of the people.

Nevertheless, some people believe that these inventions did not create any changes in their daily lives. Firstly, in rural areas, people are mostly involved in the field of agriculture, and their livelihood does not have an impact on this achievement. Secondly, children spend most of their time in school and have minimum utilization of technology. But they can be exposed to the astronomical changes by inculcating these discoveries as a part of their educational curriculum. For example, school management can arrange field trips to the nearby science centres, which helps them to expand their knowledge.

In a nutshell, this essay has explained how the visit to the moon has caused an impact in terms of improved inventions and is similarly less beneficial to rural people and children. To recapitulate, to my knowledge, there have been significant differences after the first landing on the moon.

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