Nowadays the Eating Habits of People Around the World Are Changing. Writing Task 2

Nowadays the eating habits of people around the world are changing, causing them many health problems, including obesity. Why do people tend to eat so badly? What can be done to improve their eating habits?

Health problems all around the world are increasing as people’s eating habits have changed, and the major concern is obesity. The reasons for their unhealthy eating habits and the improvements which can be adopted are explained in the below paragraphs, followed by the conclusion.

Firstly, people are facing severe health problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle. They find food items that are readily available in the markets or restaurants easier to consume rather than cooking the food, which is time-consuming. Such foods contain many chemicals and fats, which lead to obesity. Recent developments in food delivery applications make people easily order food from outside, which might contain harmful substances. However, people find it convenient to eat due to their busy Lifestyles.

People have to make many improvements in the consumption of food on a daily basis. They must ensure to have a properly balanced diet that contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals and avoid carbohydrates and fats. Preferably, time should be allocated to cook food and ensure that it is a healthy meal. Though there are many outlets that are attractive, people can try to cook the same recipes in their own household. Children should be taught about cooking as early as possible, and the school management can organize multiple programs on the importance of diet.

There are many health issues increasing rapidly all around the world, and the major concern is regarding improper eating habits. People should take measures to know the right ingredients used to make the food items. By having effective control over their diet, people will have a healthy lifestyle.

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