Talk about your favorite mobile app.

Talk about your favorite mobile app.

Sample 1 ( U dictionary mobile app )

Well, there are a number of mobile applications available such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. But here I would like to talk about my favorite mobile application. Its name is U dictionary. Actually, this mobile application had launched about a year ago. I came to know about this application with the help of its advertisement on YouTube.

U dictionary mobile appAfter it, I installed it on my Android phone from the Play Store. I like it for some reason. First of all, it is a helpful mobile app to search for a plethora of English words with its meaning. I can know a variety of words by this app.

Apart from it, the team of this app updates the quiz every day. I take part in this quiz and try to gain more and more score in it. We also can submit feedback to this quiz program in it. To add to it, there is the latest international news available in U dictionary with audio effects. It helps me to know what’s happening in the whole world.

Moreover, the U dictionary app provides the facility of translation. Actually, we can translate words from one language to another whether it is a local language or a foreign language. Many times, when I feel unable to know the real meaning of difficult words of the English language, I use this app to translate challenging words in my local language Punjabi or Hindi.

I also informed my near and dear ones about this fruitful app because it is very beneficial for students. One can also find synonyms of English Words through this app. All in all, this is my favorite mobile application which I use every day for my educational purposes. I just love this app.

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{1} Do you like to use more and more mobile apps??
{2} Do your friends use your favorite android app??
{3} What are other educational mobile apps available??
{4} Why other people like to use mobile apps??
{5} Are there any inappropriate mobile app which you don’t like??
{6} Do you like to gain information with the help of websites?? Why or why not??
{7} Which is your favorite website you use for study purposes??
{8} Will you use more Technology in your future??

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Talk about your favorite mobile app.


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