Talk About the Advice You Received from Someone that Was Very Helpful.

Talk about the advice you received from someone that was very helpful. Please say

  • What was the advice?
  • Who gave it to you?
  • Why was it helpful?

Sample Answer of Talk About the Advice You Received from Someone that Was Very Helpful

Taking advice and giving advice is the fact of our life. It is beneficial for us to take advice because it gives fruitful results. There is a number of times when I take advice from others, and here I am going to talk about a situation when I took the advice, and it is very helpful for me.

I don’t remember exactly, but it was a time two years ago when I was in my senior secondary. I was in confusion about the subjects that I would choose, maths and biology subjects. When I was in elementary school, my school’s fellows told me maths was so difficult subject, and the formulas were difficult to learn, but that time my teacher Mr Gurudutt Singh gave me the advice to have both subjects in my secondary school. He told me to take maths as an additional subject.

I consider him a role model, and he has a great sense of humour. Apart from that, he helped me a lot and also taught me whenever I had any problems regarding my subjects. I did burn my oil over the nights and did a lot of effort for this. In my final exams, I got good passing marks and never expected that I had ever received these marks in my life. All in all, this was advice that I took from others.

Follow-ups of Talk About the Advice You Received from Someone that Was Very Helpful.

Question 1:- Do you often get advice from older people?

Answer:- Older people are like trees which protect us from stormy weather and heat. According to my opinion, I always prefer to take advice from my older ones because they have a lot of knowledge about life and their experience. They know what is wrong and right for me. My grandpa always told me moral values, which helps me in every stage of life. Apart from that, he kept my finger and gave me the right path.

Question 2:- Do you like to give advice to others?

Answer:- Yes, definitely, it’s a good thing to do because it enhances our knowledge and confidence about that subject. By giving advice to others make the people more co-operative. Also, I consider that giving advice to others teaches me a lot about the happening around us.

Question 3:-Why don’t many people follow good advice?

Answer:- It all depends upon the person to person and their thinking. Some people are given less preference to take advice from others because they are introverted nature and they believe in themselves more rather than believing others. They are also good at making decisions by themselves and seen in adults. But others rely upon to take advice from others because they are less aware and knowledgeable about that subject. This may occur mostly among youngsters.

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