Describe the Advice You Received on Your Subjects or Work

Describe the Advice You Received on Your Subjects or Work

Describe the Advice You Received on Your Subjects or Work

  • Who advised you
  • What advice did he give?
  • Are you happy with the advice?

Sample Answer of Describe, the Advice You, Received on Your Subjects or Work

Suggestions are tough to take and easy to give, but it‘s a really tough task to follow when it comes to implementing that advice. I know one of the incidents where I was at receiving end of the stage. I work with Prasad Group for the last four years; in the nascent days of my career, my manager invited me in his car for a ride though I was not much comfortable as a rookie employee. I thought it might be a normal ride, but it was character building day for me.

He asked me to approach new clients with all the ease and amicably. He taught me that we are selling, but we are building a new relationship with them, so do not peach what we taught during training periods. Make relations then peach. So afterwards, that advice worked, and I have achieved some success despite suffering earlier. I really like the way he started to explain his experience and journey. I believe this could be a real path for establishing success in any business.

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