You Are Going to Throw a Party for a Special Occasion

You will throw a party for a special occasion and plan to cook a meal for the same. Get a recipe from your friend which is special in their country?
Explain why you are throwing a party
Ask about the recipe
Invite your friend to the party.

Hello George,

Brace yourself, and I have some exciting news for you. I am getting engaged and celebrating the same I am throwing a small party. And I am not taking a no from you.

Do you know about Julie? My dance partner? I proposed to her last week and guess what? She said yes. We both liked each other for a long time but being an introvert, and I took my time to propose. I feel so relieved and want to amplify this joy with wonderful people who help me now and then.

It will be fun at the party, and we will dance, play some games and have fusion cuisine. And I have decided to prepare some of the dishes on my own. Do you remember that mouth-watering chicken curry that you made? I am planning to include that in the menu. However, I tried to recall the exact recipe but failed to do so. Can you help me get the recipe? I tried searching on the internet, but I am not sure whether it’s the same as yours.

Anyways, Don’t forget to come. Party is on 31st August at my place.

All the best,


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