Talk About a Recent Celebration That You Were Invited to

Talk about a recent celebration that you were invited to

Please say

  • What were you celebrating?
  • Who did you celebrate it with?
  • Why did you celebrate it?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Recent Celebration That You Were Invited to

Celebrations are part and parcel. One that lives in India cannot elude such events; recently, I was invited by my friend to attend his wedding with ancient orthodox rituals; I was just flabbergasted while seeing his invitation card. As I was not much attached to such a festival or celebration, when I went there and saw such decorations and enjoyment, I realized the value of cultural events and calibrations. There was my old friends’ reunion at one point, but his family members were also involved. We had celebrated with my close friend Kaushal as he was going to get married, so it was really fun and a party. Numbers of things to explore and enjoy. I really had a great time and moments.

Follow-ups Talk About a Recent Celebration That You Were Invited to

Question 1 – Let’s talk about convocations?

Answer – This kind of event is significant in students’ lives to understand their degree and study value. Such a moment comes once in a lifetime, so it’s really precious as that is the major sign for them to enter manhood.

Question 2 – What are the main reasons for them?

Answer – They have a good future ahead of them and opportunities knocking so they can understand their career well and get more serious about it.

Question 3 – Did you take part in any graduations?

Answer – No, I might be one of the unfortunate people who missed it due to some personal works, so I really have not much experience with this kind of event.

Question 4 – How is the naming ceremony celebrated?

Answer – It’s really famous in India, where relatives and some colleagues gather under a roof to name the newborn baby. Each person carry gifts and shower bless to that child for good fortune.

Question 5 – Explain church marriages in your country.

Answer – South-Eastern part of Indian is densely populated for this kind of marriage and ritual. It is really wonderful to have such a community life in our country and enjoy their own ceremonies in their ways. However, I haven’t seen much and experienced enough so far, so I am really not aware of that method.

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