Many Parents Complain About Violence Promoted to Their Children

Many parents complain about violence promoted to their children through video games, TV programs, and other media. Why is it happening? What can be the solution for it?

Many guardians complained that their offspring are under threat of violence because of media and certain television programs and indoor games. Firstly this essay shall discuss the causes of this negative development, and secondly, it will explain how such activities can be reduced or prevent.

Since the beginning of this 21st century, individuals are approaching digital things and gadgets to make their lives easy and smooth. However, parents are the one who keeps complaining regarding their children’s negative developments due to the influence of mass media, manufactured violated movies and extreme games. Contains of those things encourage youth to act wrongly towards society and their community. There are many countries where most kids are pursuing things from movies and action games that they act upon badly, which reflect on their nature. For instance, many American parents are reiterating that their children are out of control due to the influence of movies and gaming scenes. Thus, the development of the digital world can put youth in perilous and create a vulnerable world.

Moreover, there is always a solution for any trouble as all those things created by us can be destroyed. Higher authorities should give orders to broadcasters to alter the timing of their program so children would be eluded. Secondly, using extreme gaming can be banned to certain age people so chances of threat can be minimized. For example, some of the gulf countries have imposed the above-mentioned rules in their nations to avoid such wrong consequences, and they achieved positive results in the meantime. Therefore, the intervention of the government is required to prevent such dangerous acts in society.

To conclude, parents and higher authorities must take this progress seriously to reduce it. Otherwise, outcomes of this development would not be favourable.

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