Students Should Start Work Experience Soon After College or University Examination

Students should start work experience soon after college or university examination or to go for career advancements, discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is true that education plays a part and parcel role in everyone’s life. In the salad days of the millennium, the learners ought to get the best job after completing the education and buildup their career. This essay will highlight both opinions and also elaborate on the ort certainly requires mastery over the fundamental of it.

To commence with, there are some reasons associated with this notion; Predominantly due to the self-independent person, people can fulfil their basic needs by themselves, they can get a good job after complete the education according to their experience. For example, in the overseas nation majority of students do the jobs for their better living standards. Consequently, this is the better way for enhancing knowledge.

On the other hand side, individuals can get job opportunities, and they can buildup their career after studies they can join the perfect professional job such as lawyer, doctor and Many more. For instance, in today time, the majority of individuals join a good job after completing graduation to earn a high salary. Adding more, in the salad days of the millennium the graduation and postgraduate people jobs demand are higher than others. Therefore the company give more preference to graduate individuals. To exemplify, this concept is a perfect illustration for them. Thus, they can buildup their career.

To Recapitulate, it can be said that education is necessary for everyone’s life in today life. In my perspective, education is the third pillar. With the help of education, people can get knowledge.

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