Some Think that Fathers Should Have Time Off from Work After the Birth of A Child

Some think that fathers should have time off from work after the birth of a child. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this fast pace world, Most people are occupied with their work and don’t find time to spend with their families. However, Many parents may change their lifestyle after having a child. As far as I am concerned, all dads need to spend time with their children. In subsequent subsections, I will support my statement by giving supporting incidents.

Most of the Male parents feel that spending time with younger ones will help to express the child’s feelings. Children start showing their feeling to parents from the very beginning stage. To support them, fathers need to spend their work time in front of children. According to a recent survey, the children in the orphans are not so expressive as the children grow under parental care. In Nut-shell, children need father support after their birth to express their feelings, and they need time to spend.

Spending time in front of children not only helps in expressing their feelings but also they gain the parent ideology and manner. Every child tries to act like a parent in that way they learn all good manners and also make them unique. For instance, Most of the children behave the same as their father. Not only at a younger age, but they do also behave the same as they become old. To be in short, Fathers may influence their younger ones with their ideology that will reflect in children’s life.

In conclusion, children need support from the father to express their feelings and learn about society. I believe a child needs support from their father not only to spend time and to educate them about society.

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