Some People Think that The Best Way to Reduce the Time Spent Travelling to Work Is to Replace Parks

Some people think that the best way to reduce the time spent travelling to work is to replace parks and gardens close to the city centre with apartment buildings for commuters, but others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, traffic jam is a huge issue faced by working employee. They waste crucial time on the road, so many individuals prefer to save their time-shift parking or a garden in the working place near home. But some disagree with the statement. I will discuss both viewpoints in the upcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, cover the short distance by going from a public park or green garden without being struck by traffic. It is a safe time as well as reduce the natural fuel like Diesel, petrol. Whereas it directly impacts vehicles. And also, It controls global warming. To illustrate, Japan and South Korea are the nation emplacement the facility provided daily job worker work from nearby the house. Additionally, it is also examined when people have to walk rather than use any transport. 70% population are under control only for fewer uses of cars and buses.

However, it is not possible to replace the park with a building. It takes a lot of time. Evenly it disturbs the environment by cutting the trees to make the resident house for the employee. On the other hand, it is easier for a working employee to cover the space between an apartment and to working place. For example, developing countries like the UK, Canada, and America have understood the problem faced by the worker. They plan the infrastructure like this where staff members easy to go their workplace, but it destroys the land by completing human wants.

In conclusion, this is a major problem where the public thinks only of needs. They never guest their future outcome their whole world face global warming situation. While when people live nearby their office. It saves natural fuels, which directly reduce the vehicles also, and it controls the traffic jam, which is one of the challenging issues.

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